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How to Provide Help ("buy" Mavro)?


You can provide help (acquire MAVRO) pressing the respective button and transferring money to the account of another participant.

In order to help other members of the system:

1. Click "Provide Help" on the dashboard in your Personal Office.




2. Get to know the risks connected with the participation in the system, then put a corresponding mark (tick) and click "Next".




3. Choose the appropriate service convenient for you to transfer the funds, and then click "Next"




4. Enter the amount you want to contribute and click "Select".




5. Choose a suitable distribution for the contributed amount according to different types of deposits (if there are available at the moment)




6. If you want to get a "Registration bonus" (from $ 20 to $ 100) for your first contribution — remember to tick the appropriate field (1), and then click "Next" (2).




7. Carefully check that all details of the "Provide Help" request are right in the window that appears and click "Next".




After successful completion of all these steps, you will see a notification




The created request will be in the queue to be processed by the dispatcher (automatic program). In a short time there will be an order appearing in your desktop that you need to fulfill (to send the funds to). The orders to transfer the funds are made for the full amount of the request. You have to transfer the specified sum in Bitcoins, if you use Bitcoin account or specified sum in BRL to the account of another user if you use banking account




Each order includes the information about the amount of transfer (1) and the time allowed to carry out the transfer (2)




When you press the area of the order you will see details of the recipient's account, necessary to make the transfer, as well as a phone number to contact with the participant in case of unforeseen problems with the implementation of the transfer.




Make transfers in PO on time. If there are any difficulties with the transfer, the recipient and the sender can get in touch with each other via chat (if the phone of one of the participants is not available for some reasons).




After the completing the transfer of funds, do not forget to press the appropriate button in the order. This is necessary so that the recipient will be able to confirm the receipt of funds in his PO. In order to open this menu, click on the area with white-blue arrow, and then confirm that you made the transfer with the button "I completed this payment":




In the appeared menu, you can confirm the transfer documentary, attaching online a payment screenshot. To take a screenshot press the button PrtSc (next to the F12 button). After that the image of your screen will be sent to the clipboard. Open the programme for processing images (the simplest one is Paint). Press the buttons Ctrl and V simultaneously or press the button "Paste" in the programme menu. Save the image on your computer. In order to take a screenshot you can also use special programs like LightShot, Joxi etc.

Click on the button "Browse File" (1) to choose the appropriate file on your computer (2) and click "Next" or "Open"



If the transfer has not been made timely, or you have refused to do the transfer without any good reason, your account will be blocked automatically. You will be notified about it in PO.
In blocked mode, the only available operation in PO is appeal to the Support team.