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Dear members of our Community, our Manager from South Africa Sindi Khumalo has started very nice challenge for MMM Global participants))) MMM-System strongly supports this initiative and asks our participants to take part in this Challenge. Record the videos and upload them on Youtube. Bring the philosophy of kindness to each and everyone. If you decided to participate, this is a short instruction on how to record the video:

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MMM is first of all kindness, honesty, openness, mutual aid, and support! Now the community is holding Good Deed Contest, because these are good deeds what can change the world for the better. It is absolutely essential to help each other! It unites people.  It is right.  This is the way it should be!
But what is a "good deed"? We have already given examples that this doesn’t mean something global. It can be absolutely any small act, for example, giving any gift to a stranger, visiting an orphanage, giving books you don’t need to a children's library. There are a lot of things you can do! There are a lot of examples. They cannot be counted on the fingers.

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Dear friends!

Let us remind you that now the MMM community is holding "Good Deed Contest". We call on all participants to be more active, as kindness and honesty are the most important components of our ideology. You need to take a photo or video of any act of kindness committed by you, and fill in the form at http://goo.gl/forms/QB1FCv6YLJ Participants will be awarded with prizes for the best photos and videos. The total prize fund is $ 5000!
It is important to remember that the purpose of the MMM community is not wealth .......

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MMM is launching two contests at once


MMM Community is attracting worldwide interest. New countries in Asia, America and Africa are joining us. There are more and more loyal, trained and experienced managers.

It is noticeable that participants are willing to be active and develop the Community, study and teach others, learn more about the modern world and explain the truth to people. The spirit of the Community is really high.

That’s why now we are doing the things we have never done before – we are launching two new competitions at once! In several countries at the same time.


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MMM Global is announcing Good Deed Contest


The MMM community gives its participants an opportunity to become financially independent. But if people are financially free, they don’t have to think only how to feed their families – they can help people around them.

Mutual aid is the main value of the MMM Community. That’s why MMM Global Administration is announcing the beginning of Good Deed Contest. To participate in it, you have to send a video or photo of your good deeds at: http://goo.gl/forms/uGfpSEB2dI

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