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The period of keeping confirmed Mavro is limited!


Dear participants!

Now many participants are concerned about the introduction of mavro 0 % and ask to explain what is it and the purpose of introduction. Undoubtedly, it is our fault that we had not explained it from the beginning, but we try to correct this error.

So what is mavro 0% and why it was made?

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We have launched a new rating system of guiders’ performance!


Dear participants! We continue to develop and launch a new rating system of guiders’ performance. It is the next measure taken after the guider’s status confirmation which is aimed to increase the quality of their work and to strengthen the stability of MMM.

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MMM Brazil system was presented to the population of Balsas-MA


MMM Brazil system was presented to the population of Balsas-MA



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March,13, 2017, city Tatuapé, state SP. Guiders - Leandro and Camilo.


The event was held in the city Tatuapé, San Paulo state. It was welcomed very well by those who were present on the day. And people who attended offline event, after having their doubts solved about virtual currency currency Bitcoin have decided to participate. And we are are sure that another event will be successful and with more participants!

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New Procedure of Mavro Confirmation and introduction of Mavro 50% for the first PH


Dear participants,

Unfortunately, we have apparently overdone a little bit with precautions and reserve funds. :-)) Yes, the situation is absolutely stable now, but an extremely extended queue of confirmations pays for this stability. The queue is decreasing, as we think, too slowly.

In order to spur the dynamics and speed up, in this way, the pace of the confirmation queue, we decided (after some hesitation! :-)) to derogate a little from our current over-precautious policy. :-))

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Meet our new Provide Help interface!


Dear participants! We have updated the Provide Help interface in the Personal Office, and now participation in MMM has become even nicer and easier.

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