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How to add an Account in Personal Office?


In order to request help in the MMM Community, you need to add a personal banking and/or bitcoin account in the section "Accounts" in your PO.

  1. Follow the tab "Accounts".
  2. Press "Add".




  1. Enter the data of your banking or bitcoin account.
  • Invent the account name (for example "My Bitcoin")
  • Choose the type: banking account or Bitcoin account
  • Enter the name of your bank (when using bitcoin account write "BitCoin")
  • Enter your bitcoin account address in the field "Account number" (It must be displayed in your bitcoin wallet), or the number of your banking account
  • Enter your name.
  • Click "Save"




Congratulations! Your personal account has been added.




Also in the tab "Personal Accounts" you can always edit the details of your accounts (1), remove personal account (2) or add a new one.