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Who are "Guider", "Trustor" and "Confidant"?

The participants choose their guiders on their own. The guider has access to the PO of his/her participant. If a participant does not want to make operations in the Personal Office (create requests, process orders), he/she can convert his/her guider into his/her Trustee who will do it for him/her. The participant who has transferred the rights to administrate the PO will be called the Trustor.

If you are a Guider/Trustee and referrer of the participant at the same time you will get only referral bonuses. If you register a new participant as a referral, your guider will be automatically assigned as his/her guider.


There are two ways to establish Trustor-Trustee relationship:

  • The Guider registers the participant through Personal Office and during registration process states that he is the Confidant of this newcomer.
  • The participant indicates in PO himself/herself that he/she makes the Guider his/her Trustee.

Of course, at any moment the participant can change his mind and refuse the Trustee's service.

Making your guider your trustee is very easy:

  1. Go to the subsection "My page" in your PO;
  2. Choose the subsection "Guider" on the right;
  3. Click on "Make my guider my trustee"

and confirm the option.



That’s it. Now you can use your guider’s help while administrating your requests in the PO. At any moment you can change your mind and start to administrate your PO personally.

In order to protect from abuses from the Trustee’s the most important operations (change of account information for withdrawal, creation of a withdrawal request, confirmation of getting money) are conducted only through a confirmation code sent in SMS to the Trustor.

Besides, when creating "Get Help" or "Provide Help" requests, the trustor will also get the corresponding sms. Other than that, when creating "Provide Help" request, the sms will include the recipient’s account information.

The Trustee can go into PO of the Trustor right from his/her PO and then the same way can come back easily into his/her personal PO.