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How to register in MMM?


To be part of the Community you should register on the official MMM website — http://brazil-mmm.net.

To register in MMM you need to complete the following simple steps:

  1. Go to MMM website
  2. Click on the "Registration" button
  3. Complete the registration form as shown in the picture below.




In order to register you need to provide the following data:

  1. Name — type your name (or a nickname)
  2. E-mail — enter an existing e-mail. Use the servers gmail.com or yahoo.com.
  3. Mobile phone number — enter you mobile phone number.
  4. Password — invent and enter your password
  5. Confirm Password — type the password again
  6. Skype — enter your skype (optional field)
  7. Invite — put down an invite of the participant who attracted you into the System (if there is any)
  8. Your Guider’s e-mail — enter your guider’s email. (Fill in this field in case you already have a Guider. Otherwise leave it empty)
  9. Your Guider’s Phone Number — specify your Guider’s phone number (Fill in this field if you already have a Guider. Otherwise leave it empty)
  10. How did you learn about us? — state how you learned about MMM

Enter captcha and press the button "Registration in MMM".




Once you have completed the required fields there will be a message appearing on your screen.
Congratulations! You have registered in the MMM Community!