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What is an "Invite"?


This is a verbal invitation code from a participant of MMM, owing to which he can invite other people into the Community and get a referral bonus.
For this purpose a newcomer writes an invite he got from an inviting person in the appropriate section of the registration form. From that moment on, he becomes your referral. To get a personal invite, go to PO into the section "My page" and specify the meaning word for it.

To attract new members by using the invite there are many possibilities depending on the personal creativity and imagination. The most popular of them are:

  • handing out business cards;
  • distribution of leaflets and booklets;
  • participating in the online forums for advertising and shopping sites, personal sites and blogs;
  • supporting any distributed promo-advertising materials with the text "by registering in MMM, please use my invite (indicating it further)";
  • opening of MMM clubs in your city;
  • charity activity on the behalf of the MMM Community.