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How to write a "Letter of happiness"?

As soon as the assistance was received (receipt money for the "sold" MAVRO) the participant has to write a "letter of happiness" using the subsequent placement in the section "Testimonials" on the MMM Website.
There will be a new window appearing straight after confirming the receipt of funds as shown below. The instructions of writing the letter of happiness are already included in the new window — read them carefully and write your text.

If you wish you can attach a screenshot (1) or a picture confirming the receipt of funds. As well the last but not least: you can make a video where you can share your happiness of receiving help and post the link in the required field (2). There is usually a bonus given for that — all the instructions for that are already given in the window of the "Letter of happiness" so make sure that the box which asks for the bonus is ticked (3), only in this way you will receive the bonus… after the video has been approved by moderators.. ☺ Bonuses and gifts are always pleasant to receive!
Then press "Next"