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Things You Must Stop Doing to Change Your Life for the Better


To change your life for the better, you need to have a positive view of life and cast aside all the gloomy thoughts that drag you down. This article features recommendations to help you move forward.

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Attention! Fraudsters are collecting money via fake ICO allegedly on behalf of MMM and Mr Mavrodi


Projects selling cryptocurrency or tokens and carrying out ICO allegedly on behalf of MMM and Sergey Mavrodi have lately become more active.

(For instance:

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Five Rules to Help You Live Wisely


Life is relatively short, so it's unwise to live it without purpose. Try to make your life useful for yourself and those around you. This article features rules to help you do it.

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How to Spend Money to Your Profit


Money cannot make you happy on its own. It's important to manage your funds properly and to spare no expense on yourself and your loved ones. Read here how you can spend money to your profit.

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5 Rules of Thumb for Self-Motivation


To achieve success, you must always work on yourself and move forward. This article features 5 tips to help you focus on your goal and stay the course. 

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